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Content mills versus Content writing services

Content services

As cutting edge digital solutions crowd the market, lives around the world become technology-led. Businesses fast adapting to this digital revolution are coming to realise that content remains at the centre stage of real engagement. While you can create systems that are new and unique and liked by algorithms, meaningful, engagement-led and quality content remains key to user traffic and customer retention. However, companies are constantly challenged with the fast paced nature of content creation and it’s easier to be partial towards content writing services that are cheaper and give a quick turnaround. Read on to know what kind of content writing services you should choose and how to differentiate between a content mill and content writing services agency


Streamline you goals in advance

There is only one expectation from digital content- it should convert. And to do that a content writing services provider requires a clear brief about what you intend to achieve with the content. Define your short term and long term goals and share it with the content services agency. Let them design a strategy around these and set their targets. Engage with them often to know if there is a need to revise your strategy.


Ask for references

A company that offers bulk content at a very competitive price could be a potential content mill. You will love the great prices that are easy on your pocket, but know that it’s your online rapport at stake here, not theirs. Ask the content services agency to share portfolio and previous successfully-delivered relevant projects. Ask for references of other brands that have worked with them and get in touch with those. Read content services provider’s online reviews read through their clients’ sites.


Sample writing pieces

Choose a topic relevant to your business and ask the content writing services provider to write a sample piece for you. You should choose to pay for the sample, but in case it not as per your expectations, you can ask them to review it or choose to work with someone else. In the long run you don’t lose much and you create multiple options to fall back on in case of an emergency.

Credible resource members

Your writing project will actually be handled by a team of content writers and not the content writing services agency manager that you are speaking to. Ask for the details or resumes of the team that will work on developing content for you. Interview them and understand their experience, skills and specialities. You will be able to make a much informed decision of choosing a content services company based on your interaction with its team.

Keep an eye out for plagiarised content

The only way to produce a huge amount of content very quickly at minimal costs is to use existing content and redesign it to look new. Plagiarism could be of ideas, resources or actual content. While one could steer past search engine bots with intelligent use of language, one can’t fool the users for a long time. If users aren’t seeing genuinely unique content on your channels or website, they are bound to stay away from your page which will in turn decrease your search engine ranking. So check the content that is sent to you by the content writing services provider for any possible plagiarism issues.

In house copy editor or proof reader

You may employ a content mill instead of a content writing services agency for their lucrative pricing in the initial stages of your new business. In that case it’s advisable to have an in house editor who can thoroughly go through all the copies before they are published to eliminate any chances of error. If that sounds like an additional cost that you can’t afford then make time in your schedule to check all the copies. As mentioned earlier it’s your rapport at stake here.
All the big digital platforms like Google, Facebook or YouTube have only a single guidance for the creators- build unique and interesting content. Whether its SEO content, website content, press release, article, blog, listicles, social media content, or visual content scripting, choosing an authentic company is a tricky yet very crucial thing. A content services agency that is led by actual research and creating an exceptional output can build great branding content and strong consumer loyalty.
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