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Online Marketing Company

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Choosing an online marketing company in 2021-7 steps

Digital marketing is a dynamic and hence tricky place to be. However, given heaps of examples of multi-million dollar businesses built on the sole solid ground of strategic digital marketing puts the importance of it in clear black and white. Staying on top of the internet game means rediscovering yourself as a company and the team all the time. It could be not only daunting but expensive to manage resource and tools other than your business specialisation. That’s why organisations of all sizes prefer to work with external teams of experts who can steer the plans in a better way to achieve their goals. Choosing an online marketing company, however, is more of a task than just googling digital marketing agency near me. Here are a few notes to guide you in the right direction.

Define your goals

Yes, digital marketing or online advertising aren’t your forte. Yes, you don’t know how to track and study analytics and that’s why you’re hiring an online marketing company. But only you know your company the best and you own its story and vision. So understand what you want to achieve from the digital marketing activities and how will you align your objectives with the process. Keep your numbers handy and targets defined before you start talking to online marketing companies near you. Keep a list of your competitors and references ready for the discussion. This will narrow down you search and save your efforts and time.

Make a request for proposal

An RFP is a great starter for any outsourcing project. You put your requirements and expectations in writing and that decreases the number of random applications. Only an online marketing company with the right expertise will apply to the tender. You can control budgets by pre-defining funds in an RFP. You save your efforts of reaching out to individual agencies and have them contact you instead. A request for proposal will build your rapport as an organisation serious about this project and an authentic company to partner with.

Check technical capabilities

While some agencies offer turnkey marketing solutions, other online marketing companies come with specific specialisations. Are you looking for Identity and branding design then you may want to go with an agency that has expertise in these fields. If you are looking for teams that execute multi-platform marketing, advertising operations, copy writing and Search Engine Optimisation then choose a company that has in-house teams to design strategy with you and carry out all the operations.

Ask for portfolio and references

While it’s a great idea to work with freelancers and new names in the industry since the come with fresh ideas and outlook towards building unique solutions, some companies prefer to work with an online marketing company that has proven their worth. Ask for their previous work and the kind of solutions they applied to solve specific marketing challenges. Check how much focused are they on data and metrics. This will give you an idea into their working process and you may gather some great information nuggets for your own project. Talking to references provided by them and doing a background check saves you from falling into a trap later.

Conduct team interviews

Organisations make a common mistake of speaking only to the managers and sales executives for choosing an online marketing company. You project will actually be carried out by the subject matter experts. Always ask to arrange interviews with the experts in team and check for their specialisations and technical education. It could be that you like an agency but not the resource that they are offering for your project. You can request them to arrange for interviews and you can pick the one best suited to your requirements.


Choose worth over price

This goes for almost anything that you undertake as an organisation. There are tonnes of individuals and agencies offering the same kind of services for a lesser price. This being easy on your funds gives you a room for experimenting but its exorbitant to fix online rapport once it take a downward turn. Every activity performed and every information shared stays on the internet forever. However, on the contrary don’t choose an online marketing company just because it is quoting a higher price for its services. Price doesn’t determine how well they will steward your project. Always look for the worth you are extracting out of this venture.

Check for transparency, ethics and work culture

As an organisation you already have a vision and culture in place. There is a value that your product gives to its user. An online marketing company that comes on board needs to work in concert with these pre-defined norms. Look for an agency that is focused more on cultivating long-term client-agency partnership than just adding another business to their list. Judge how much they believe in your product and its applications. Knowing in advance about their availability during urgent situations saves you from feeling dejected at a later stage.
At Key Thought Media we have always gone beyond showing up in the search results for the best digital marketing agency near me. We have over the short period of our existence made meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We are focused on ethical procedures and target oriented approach. We work closely with clients and educate, explain and engage them at every step of the way. So if you are searching for a partner for your marketing team, chat with us to better understand out team and services on offer.

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