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Five things to look for in a website development company

Custom web designs, websites, mobile applications, software and intranet- running a successful brand needs all kinds of digital solutions today. While these platforms are a product in themselves, many such programs are built as creative solutions for effective functioning and as a growth catalyst for organisations. Hiring an external team of specialists or a website development company to do the job and give maintenance support is a cost-effective and a quick solution for companies of all sizes. However, it could be a daunting task to find the right kind of team that fits your expectations, budget and already existing culture and vision. Here are some of the important things you should look for in a website development company.

Design and development support under one roof

UI and UX design precedes website or mobile application development. Content writing and graphics designing are the keys to developing the right kind of product. So go ahead and ask the website development company if the in-house team executes turnkey projects encompassing all the stages. That will not only help in avoiding any communication gaps but you’ll be able to work with shorter timelines and tight budgets. You will be able to ensure security of your data and limit the legal paperwork. Ask the website development company about their post development services like marketing and SEO.

Requirement and solution alignment

Know what kind of website you want. Would you also want to create a mobile application in case you have more user traffic coming in from hand-held devices? What kind of coding language you would prefer? What kind of frontend and backend you want built? Would you rather have a CMS (Content Management Solution) built for you to work on web content or would you rather have developers upload and upgrade systems? What kind of timelines are you looking at? If you can’t answer all these questions, let the website development company understand your problem set and advise the right solution according to their expertise.

Relevant experience and references

It’s always useful to ask the website development company for their past projects and clients that somewhat match your requirements. An agency’s proven records and case studies will help you gain much useful insight into their expertise, strengths and quality. You may choose to contact their past or current clients to get a word on their work ethics and dependability. This won’t only ensure that you will work with an experienced team of professionals but you may be able to device unique solutions for your problem set based on the results and metrics of other organisations like yours.

Approach to solution is the key

Understanding the target user, sorting data, developing content, preparing wireframes or blue prints of sitemap and UX design- all these steps need to be undertaken before starting coding a website. Understand the hierarchy and chronology of the steps with the team of the website development company and check if it matches your projections. Can the team integrate third party API’s into your system? What kind of tools do they use for problem analysis and finding solutions? Can they work for both Andriod and IOS versions of a mobile app? Can the team integrate marketing and social media platforms seamlessly into your website? Choose a website development company who approach you connect with the best.


Post development support

Websites are an ever-evolving product. You may want to add a page or a section or a whole module to your CMS. You might want to update your products hierarchy or change content to suit your latest marketing endeavours. You may want to create and send newletters or marketing mailers to your contacts. If you decide to do paid advertising on digital platforms, you will need a separate landing page linked to your advertisement. There could be errors, bugs or glitches that may get developed over time. It’s prudent to sign a post development maintenance contract with the website development company that created your site. Not only they have knowledge of website architecture, it would be very expensive if these jobs are paid for by the hour.
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