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Engaging an SEO company in India? Know this!

The corporate world has adapted to the era of the pandemic and chances are, if you cannot shine through the internet crowd, all your business-building efforts will eventually go downhill. Every digital marketer is aware that SEO is an incredible tool to get discovered among millions of others and increase ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an inbound marketing strategy which enhances the quality and quantity of digital traffic on one’s website through organic search results when the target audience searches for specific keywords or phrases, and helps it rise up in ranks. Getting your website to rank as the first suggestion in the search engine results doesn’t happen by mere accident. If you have tested the performance of your website only to face disappointment, taking the right steps with SEO is your building block. You can bring your A-game to SEO with basic but effective techniques, such as:


Create people-oriented content

Articles that are optimised for easy readability are better at keeping reader’s attention intact. Make content of good quality, divided into shorter paragraphs and containing intermixed sentences of varying lengths. Using dividers like sub-headings, bullet points, white spaces and media gives breaks and keeps the readers from losing interest. Having an idea about user interaction with your website matters. Using tools like Optimizely and ClickFlow help analyse user experience and engagement on your website to give you an understanding of the impact made with every change. Furthermore, you can improve website speed, which is a big contributor to website rankings. Using SEO tools like Test My Site will keep you aware of your website’s responsiveness.
These measures help execute the right steps to draw leads in and increase positive engagement on your website.

Get tech savvy

Make use of technological advancements on your website to increase features. For example, voice assistants and smart speakers allow users to use voice commands for their browsing. Optimising your website voice search will place your website above those which don’t. Within that, you can make further improvements by adding schema markup (structured data) or add recognition of relevant long-tail words to keep increasing user experience.

All screens matter

As of December 2019, 77% of Indians are accessing wireless broadband through smartphones and website engagement for those users should be as good as it is on a desktop in terms of compatibility. Enabling Accelerated Mobile pages, for instance will aid you in publishing responsive content that has been optimised for mobiles.

Do your research

Knowing your target audience is the first step to doing the right research. When it comes to the content, using random keywords and hoping for the best will not work. Research for keywords that fit into the theme and organise them skilfully so the search engine spiders don’t have to crawl too far to find you. Using tools like SEMrush and Ahref can save you time on doing manual search for the right keywords.

Keep track

For consistent growth, it is important to keep track of how your website is doing already. Keep up with your website’s progress by investing on crawling software like Botify or Screaming Frog. These software help trace the technical health of your website and plan how you can restructure problem areas in your web content.

Take over the rankings with a leading SEO company in India

Are you looking for SEO services in India that drive online traffic while keeping the search volume, your competitors and most importantly, the commercial intent in mind?
Spare a penny for Key Thought, a SEO company in India that connects. Key Thought offers SEO services in India that remain unmatched by any other SEO company in India. Think personalised content and understanding of the right content for the crawlers, that top the algorithms.
We make your company more accessible by helping your target audience discover your business and ensure qualified leads. Our troop of SEO specialists dedicate themselves into the assessment, progressive optimisation and testing of SEO strategies to keep you relevant with the changing times to take you to the top and keep you there. We monitor and analyse every impact of our SEO strategies to only keep and create the best for you. SEO services in India that exceed expectations, with Key Thought; to us, you always come first.

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