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Digital Marketing in 2021

Remote working, virtual events and digital de-cluttering- an unprecedented 2020 saw unprecedented upending of how businesses work. While the discussion around communications and marketing concentrated on two contradictory scenarios of humanizing the process and content, versus improving the technical infrastructure, digital unquestioningly became indispensable to every business. During the uncertain times of a pandemic digital marketing became a saviour to many medium and small businesses.

A lot of companies focused on their virtual presence while many other companies finally made a move to the digital to help them stay connected with their customers. Though many digital solutions were born out of necessity, they are here to stay for their better ROI and improved outreach. We will discuss some of the key digital marketing trends that businesses will employ in the coming year of hope. 2020, here we come!


Interactive content

Content is the key and the most basic roadmap to get anywhere in the web world. There is nothing new about the content being engaging to retain and convert a user but its importance can’t be emphasised enough after a huge increase in amount of time spent online by users of almost every category. Define your targets, study their likes and monitor their reaction and plan a content strategy accordingly.


Mobile friendly website

Whether it’s just browsing, information seeking or shopping, web is mostly accessed on hand-held devices. A responsive website, which adjusts to the device it is being accessed on, can make a crucial impact on the decision being taken by the customer. A user friendly web interface is the key to whether the user will make a monetary transaction on your website or not.


Social Media engagement

A user doesn’t just read your website and buy your products. An active presence throughout all the social platforms is expected of any authentic brand. It’s an important tool not just for gaining new customers but also retaining the loyal ones. Allocate proper budgets to social media plans which include copy, design and posting timings. Keep track of trending topics and hashtags and latest features to optimise your interaction on these platforms.


Local SEO and Google listing

This feature has proved to be of extreme importance to small businesses during 2020. Customers are usually looking for products, vendors or solutions near them. A simple search and presence on nearby listing strengthens your market penetration and has high chances of converting. They key here is to keep your listing updated with latest information about your location, hours, delivery and access options.


Voice search is here to stay

With more and more products upgrading their technology with voice search options, this disruption has opened up newest scenarios. Many users are switching to voice search option given its ease and quick response time. It soon could be leading search results. Optimise your content to suit voice search with more natural-sounding language and information summed up in form of questions. This could drive much needed traffic to your site.


Automated bidding with Google Ads

Digital marketers spend a lot of time adjusting and changing keywords and bids to optimise the advertisements which eventually adds to the cost of the hours used in doing that. With automatic bidding, Google is able to access and analyse your data and bid in real time and give the best result. This ensures that you have more time for other important things.


Increase employee engagement

Customers sure are the focus of any business but the biggest asset that a company has is its employees because you are as strong as your team. Practice strong team collaboration and clear work division. Since it is hectic managing home and work together, as managers it is advisable to stay connected to them and get updates about anything beyond work as well. Organise virtual get-togethers to ensure everyone can connect on a different note.


Humanise processes and content

If anything that this pandemic has taught us is that how important human relations are to our well-being and our eventual engagement with the world. Interspersing personal content to make deeper connections is advised for every business. Reaching out to consumers personally and asking for their preferences makes a far reaching impact, and helps win long-term loyal customers.


Have an advertising budget

Shout out about what you do and everywhere you can. With all the value creation it is important to showcase it in a right way. You may start small and invest more as the business grows but constant advertising will get you access to leads that you may otherwise miss. Digital ads are targeted and reach only the customers looking for the specific services you are offering, so the ROI here is better.


All in all digital is the way to move forward. If you haven’t converted to it yet, it is advisable to do so in the coming year. And if you already have a strong digital presence, it’s time to de-clutter and devise focus strategies. When applied in concert, all the strategies discussed above will create unmatched value for your company that will serve you in the long run. Let’s make 2021 a year of hope and possibilities!

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