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Why do you need SEO services for your startup business?

So you have an online startup and you are trying to build up a customer base, and keep up with the latest trends and build relevant content? All this while you labour at trying to mine and analyse new data coming your way as your development team makes improvements and updates on the product. We understand. Running a startup is tough; it tests you thoroughly, rewards are slow and free advice is confusingly abundant. If we were to tell you about one sure shot way to cut through all the clutter and reap relevant results, won’t you be interested? Here, spend a few minutes and read on about Search Engine Optimisation services.

As the very phrase suggests Search Engine optimisation or SEO is a series of activities undertaken by businesses in order to rank better and higher on the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. We all know that in the startup world if one isn’t on page one of SERPs then they are not winning the click game. Optimising your website with SEO services according to the most popular search engines isn’t revolutionary but a very organic and necessary step in your research and marketing planning. With even traditional businesses realising the importance of SEO, the number of brands converting to digital platform and investing more in SEO is at an all time high. As a startup swamped with development, operations and marketing taking up additional SEO tasks can be daunting and one wonders about the actual relevance of it, which, as an expert SEO company in India, we can help explain.

So why does your latest socially responsible, environmentally conscious and cutting edge startup need SEO services?

Suits your cost effective approach

Time and budget ae slippery fish at a startup. Everything needs to make sense to the numbers spread and needs to be accounted for. Search Engine Optimisation Services are almost free. Other than human-hours spent in learning and executing strategies, basic SEO operations don’t cost anything. If you choose to work with paid support tools, they have some minimal charges but the data generated in return is more than valuable. An effectively executed SEO will hold water for a very long time hence ridding the long-term returns of all their costs.

Generates authentic customer data and behavior patterns

Knowing the consumer or the user is the best way to build and conduct marketing strategies. It is also one the most effective way of making improvements on the pilot products launched by startups. Consumer data, voice or verbal, is considered pure gold in the startup world, as a new product or an idea tries to suit itself better to the needs of the market. Search query data collected by analytics tools and other AI platforms is a result of real-time usage of the search engines being done in various geographies by people with different needs and preferences. Hence, it provides actual data that can be harnessed to reach targets. Using SEO services will ensure this data stream never runs dry while you focus on creating internal and external marketing strategies.

Keeps you updated on the dynamic word wide web 

By its very nature the world of internet is a constantly changing and upgrading world. New markets, digital revolutions and trends keep it in a constant flux and ever fresh for the latest demographic of users. Google and other search engines go though hundreds of algorithm updates through a year and it can be tough to keep a track of it. By constantly working on SEO activities your brand will stay up-to-date with the latest search engine updates. An SEO services company will make sure your brand stays ahead of the competition.

Relevant content creation

The best possible visibility on the internet is non-negotiable for startups. However, many of them fail to understand that creating relevant content is key to achieving organic traffic. It is well documented that organic traffic leads to at least four hundred percent more conversions than advertisements and paid content placement. SEO can create authentic user data that tells you what the market is searching for. Aiming your content and user experience design to align with this data can deliver revolutionary results for your new business. Engaging an expert or a company known for its SEO services can up your game by many levels.

Improved brand credibility 

There is an abundance of Startups with niche verticals that are based on a combination of voice and visual search engine results. Hence making it absolutely crucial for them to create a genuine connection with their users in order to become market pioneers or future leaders. SEO works with the basics of creating authentic content, link building, assessing competition and creating space in business listings. All these activities lead to a brand’s appearing in the organic results opposed to the advertisements results in the SERPs. Statistics have shown that a consumer is more likely to trust organic results than the paid ones when it comes to adding to their buying cycle. Building brand credibility is something that forms a necessary deliverable for an SEO company.

Strengthened local SEO

Many startups in India begin locally before expanding on the national or even international arena. Many social startups are looking forward to create positive web rapport and build local communities to make an impact domestically. As much as the internet is a global market place, the mobile searches have proven that it is a very powerful tool to connect local users with your startup. An SEO company in India or anywhere in the world worth its salt will work aggressively on strongly positioning a startup locally. 

Long term results

If you are a startup contemplating a choice between paid advertisement and Search Engine Optimisation, then without any doubt go for investing time and money in SEO services. SEO activities are based on building a robust digital product that is liked by the search engine robots for years to come. SEO experts target for long term results to create a time-tested brand with high value. While some needle movement can be witnessed in a few months, it is seen that even a new website is bound to benefit from SEO services in about a year. That for a startup is a very good ROI timeline. 

Improved conversion chances

In marketing SEO is considered like digital PR. Once the startup has gone through the steps of creating good user experience, high quality content, improved business listings and excellent consumer rapport through effective on-page and off-page SEO operations, then it is only a matter of time that real conversions begin to ring in. A startup ranking high in search engine result pages is considered to be genuine into which consumer readily invests. Organic results are valued highly by market experts, product experts, users and critics alike. Keeping in view India’s highly price-sensitive and rapport-sensitive market, a good SEO company in India can deliver very good results.

SEO is quantifiable 

Most of the successful startups all over the world swear by SEO not just because of certain results but because everything is quantifiable in this practice. Digital enhancement and continuous innovation by SEO tools and analytics platforms has almost erased any possibility of error or false data collection. Once a startup has correct data, it can make reasonable projections which can lead to right predictions and plans. These play a pivotal role in the initial success that a startup is looking for.

Not a fad

Search engines, since their inception, have become some of the most prominent tools for research, information, shopping, networking, public interactions and even protests. They have proven their relevance and importance time and again. Various innovations like social media, IoT, maps, voice search have helped them metamorphose into an actual, inclusive digital space. Search engines may evolve but they are here to stay. They are not a mere fad. It only makes sense for a startup to make an early investment into them and control the narrative about them.

If you think that your startup is ready to begin working on SEO, then it will be a wiser decision to leave the work to the experts. You can hire an expert or a consultant agency to work on optimising your digital product for search engines while you focus on your primary operations and management. An SEO agency employs teams of SEO experts, content writers and visual specialists under one roof which makes it easier for startups to work in a cost effective way. Key Thought Media is an agency that is helping many startups across India and around the word to realise their goals. Contact us to write your own success story in the world of internet!

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