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Rise above the algorithm with Search Engine Optimization

During the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic since 2020, internet usage has seen a dramatic surge, giving a huge rise in online marketing as well. Though there are a million options for everything online, only those businesses who master the search engine algorithm can gain visibility. Search Engine Optimization is every digital marketer’s tool for driving traffic. Search Engine Optimization is the process of employing tactful usage of most-searched keywords and phrases to rank higher in the search engine results. Following the best SEO practices can help your business lay the foundation to garner attention and attract your target clientele.


Search Engine Optimization, the expert way

Search Engine Optimization is a game that sounds easy but is no child’s play. To begin with, your website content should be in alignment with the search intent of your target customers. There are four types of intents: informational, navigational, commercial and transactional. Effective Search Engine Optimization serves content that is in synchronisation with the related search intent. Such search intent cannot be assumed but is predicted through extensive research.

The key to increasing visits to websites heavily depend on how well crafted your title tag and meta-description are. These elements are primary information on your business that customers browsing the internet are exposed to. Expertise in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is a requisite within Search Engine Optimization to create eye-catching and unique titles and meta-descriptions using made-to-fit keywords and no over-stuffing.

Usage of internal linking and backlinks is a great technique to establish a spot for your website within the digital hierarchy. Through periodical fixing of broken links, adding links to top-ranking sites in your website and prioritising authoritative backlinks create ranking signals by search engine. Getting desired results via Search Engine Optimization depends upon using the right software and tools for launching optimising projects like these.

Nobody stays on a website which is slow and performs poorly. Usage of appropriate file formats, alternate texts and compressed images create a positive impact on website performance. Site speed can be increased by enabling browser caching, reducing response time and redirects, deleting unnecessary plug-ins and decreasing CSS and JavaScript documents. The process of efficient Search Engine Optimization can only be closed off with keeping a record and making reports of insights every so often, applying adequate changes and keep tweaking for the better.


Boost visibility with Key Thought Media

If you’re looking for incomparable SEO solutions, team Key Thought Media is the way to go. At Key Thought Media we understand Search Engine Optimization from the SERPs to the scripts. With us, you can expect traffic, leads and sales like never before. We believe in only curating the best, unique and custom content for your business that baits the crawlers and tops algorithms.

Website optimisation, keyword research, link building and competition analysis are some of the Search Engine Optimization services that we have to offer among others. Let us keep you relevant with the changing times with zero compromise on rankings. Get access Search Engine Optimization with no compromise on quality, no matter how big or small a business may be. Choose better rankings, choose Key Thought Media.

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