Still contemplating if you should invest in a SEO company in 2021? In the pandemic-stricken era where only 0.78% of searchers on Google click on results of the second page and SEO drives more than 1000% of traffic compared to organic social media, maybe you should. On the surface it may appear that a SEO company is only responsible for using certain words and phrases to make your website more accessible and rank higher, which is true, but SEO is more complicated than that. SEO practices might appear easy to do, but by only following the best SEO practices would help your website rank higher and that is precisely what a SEO company does. A SEO company would help you lay the groundwork to increase your website’s visibility in the following ways:


Align your content with the search intent of target customers

A SEO company has the experience of identifying the four types of search intents: informational, navigational, commercial and transactional. Depending on the need of the occasion, the content is aligned to fit needed intent. A SEO company recognises the difference, for instance, between an internet user that is searching information on cereal and one who is buying cereal, and accordingly, fits your content for the one you wish to reach.


Create the perfect title tag and meta description

As the primary information into giving internet users insight to the content of your website, title tags and meta-descriptions are the big “make-or-break” for your visibility. A SEO company through the deep understanding of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), would help you create a concise but precise title and meta descriptions that match search intent, are unique, and include the important keywords without stuffing them.


Optimise media and site speed

Site speed is a huge factor in rankings and is often hugely mediated by the media used in one’s website. SEO companies know how to choose the right file format or prove alternate text for media. Moreover, they possess the right tools to compress images and use lazy load to create a positive impact on your website’s performance. A SEO company professional would know how to get insights on your page performance and proceed to improve user experience by enabling browser caching, reducing response time and redirects, deleting unnecessary plug-ins and decreasing CSS and JavaScript documents.


Establish your site within the web hierarchy through internal linking and backlinks

Identifying and fixing problems within the internet linking of your website, and adding links to top-ranking sites will optimise your page for the better. A SEO company would already have these tools to launch these optimising projects for you. Furthermore, SEO companies prioritise authoritative backlinks for you as they are treated as key ranking signals by search engines. Again, only a SEO company would have tools ready in hand for unmatched link-building.


Rise above rankings with Key Thought Media

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